Brian Wortel, Health and Travel Enthusiast

September 15, 2017
Partly, it is because Brian Wortel loves the great feeling he gets by engaging in healthy activity, but also because he likes to have fun. Regardless of the reason, Brian is a travel enthusiast. He loves traveling to warm and sunny climes and places with lots of outdoor activity. Of course, he’s not at all averse to traveling to mountainous places, with cooler weather. Essentially, any destination where he can engage in healthy outdoor activity is fine with him. Brian Wortel loves to travel with his family, especially his two beautiful daughters. He has accompanied them to tropical beaches in places like Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, Honduras and the like, but he has also gone with them to the mountains, where he had to wear a coat.
Brian Wortel
Basically, Brian Wortel’s primary goal in life is to be as healthy as he can be and he believes travel is a great way to get there. Brian doesn’t just focus on his physical health, of course. He tries to maintain optimal physical and mental health. It helps that his good physical condition seems to have a positive effect on his mental health and vice versa.
From the time he served as a combat medic in the U.S. Army in the Middle East to his 20 years-plus as a special education administrator, Brian T. Wortel has shown himself to be a highly motivated and goal oriented person. His primary interest is to learn the best possible ways to improve his life in any way possible, both physically and mentally. He also wants to improve his emotional life. He is happy with the reality that he has had so much varied life experience because he believes that led to him becoming the man he is today.